The Present

UPDATE: The clubhouse is officially open at the club and has received some rave reviews from members! The official grand opening happened on March 5th, 2016 and while it was a long time in becoming a reality the time is finally here. At last count there were 168 completed homes throughout the community with another seven under construction and many more in the design review stage. Also, “The Enclave” product that is located between holes 1-4 near the clubhouse & Health & Fitness Facility is continuing its development. Contact Team Woodall for floor plans, standard features, and more details. Many of these first phase of homesites were sold to another developer named Mattamy Homes.

Currently Stone Canyon is experiencing a surge of activity, particularly with the construction of new homes throughout the community. The rate of existing home sales within Stone Canyon has also increased in 2012 – 2016. Both new homes and resale homes have been selling at a much faster clip, although not many at the higher end of the price point. Similar to the rest of the luxury market the real “sweet spot” of pricing has been from $800,000 to about $1,300,000. A few homes have sold in the $1,600,000 range within the last few years but those are fewer and far between, with the peak sale being $1,700,000. In the custom lot market there continues to be an abundance of inventory but sales are beginning to pick up slightly. Again, much of the activity in custom lots has been at the lower, entry-level price points due in large part to some distressed sales of foreclosures, short sales, and others needing to sell. With a large portion of those lots off the market the slightly higher priced lots will return to prominence again. Especially within the next few years the lot market should see more of a rebound. Building prices are reasonably attractive, although they too have come up recently as the general new construction market has picked up momentum.

The economic downturn has certainly played a major role in shaping Stone Canyon as it sits today. Most notable is the vast fragmentation of the community from one primary developer to a collection of separate interests. Not having a single major stakeholder with inventory for sale has led to limited marketing of the community as a whole. A full-scale marketing campaign is quite expensive and without a unified developer such a campaign may not be realistic today. This will to some degree limit the growth of the community, but there does remain enough awareness from marketing in years past and individual marketing efforts ongoing today. Recent investments made by local builders should help to propel this further and once again bring Stone Canyon to the forefront of the Tucson area luxury market.

Simply put there are very few communities with the inherent beauty of Stone Canyon. Add to that the strong attraction of being surrounded by a fantastic growing community like Oro Valley and the things are looking up. Learn more about what the future may hold for Stone Canyon in our next section.

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