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Below are an assortment of links that potential buyers of property within Stone Canyon may find useful. Our non-mobile website has additional information relating to these documents as well. Please note that these documents are provided as a courtesy and should be verified for completeness, accuracy, and current information.

Design Guidelines
General & Supplemental
Tuscan Estates

Phase I – North
Phase I – South
Phase II
Phase IIA
Phase III
Phase IV
Phase VI
Phase VII
Phase VIII

Public Reports
Phase I – North
Phase I – South
Phase II Lots 135-234
Phase II for PHSG
Phase IIA
Phase III Lots 235-275
Phase III Stone Canyon Investors
Phase IV Lots 276-340
Phase IV Lots 282-287 (TMC-DM)
Phase IV Lots 288-293 (Endless Summer)
Phase VI Lots 341-354
Phase VI Stonegate
Phase VI Lots 390-396
Phase VII

HOA Info
Stone Canyon CCRs
Vistoso CCRs

Buyer Advisory