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Provided on this website are CCRs for both the Stone Canyon Homeowners Association and the Vistoso Community Association. These records are deemed to be accurate but are not guaranteed and are provided as a courtesy for buyers looking at property in the Stone Canyon development. There may be missing documents, amendments, or other pertinent information that is important to making a purchase decision which should be reviewed. Please contact Team Woodall and we’ll be happy to directly source this information from the HOAs.

Stone Canyon CCRs
Vistoso CCRs

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Currently both of these Associations are being managed by Lewis Management Resources. Specific inquiries about the HOAs can be directed to Lewis Management Resources at:

Lewis Management Resources, Inc.
180 West Magee Suite 134
Tucson, AZ 85704
Office Phone: 520-742-5674
Office Fax: 520-742-1523
Website: LMRI Website